Traffic sources for websites – Shortcuts

To increase quantity and quality of traffic to a website – it is all in search engine optimization. The quality of course means that users stuck behind the traffic, have a (special) interest in the content and offers. The search engine optimization makes use of different methods to the search engine users, who have expressed an interest by defining a set of keywords to direct, to the respective website. What is the quality of the so-won traffic is actually then, however, depends not only on the number of users, but on a lot, more of the website’s content. That is also the reason why, for example, Google likes to emphasize the benefit of a website is to provide users.

Search engines are in the end only one of several possible sources of traffic for websites. The trend is likely the quality of the traffic that comes from search engines, to be relatively good because the users are even looking for something and are thus, for example, a purchase intention, or at least an interest exists.

There is five different traffic sources:

• Shortcuts
• Links from other sites
• (Online) advertising
• Social Media
• Search engines

All these channels deserve attention.


A high number of direct calls are certainly a type predicate for a website. When user enters the URL itself in the browser address line, which speaks first for a high brand awareness of the site and on the other for an intuitive and easy to remember (from the brand or product names existing) URL.

Improvements can be here only a priority reach through traditional advertising and marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and promote the visibility of the website. However, of course, it comes not only for links from email newsletters, but also private emails or Messenger. All this can improve attendance to your site and bring its contents to the attention of more people.

Therefore, it immediately have an effect on your business. You will enjoy good traffic to your site and thus, more money earned.